Don't submit your ballots just yet - there's a new candidate for Best Actor popping up on the Oscar radar! GoDigital has launched an awards campaign, pushing Fabio for Best Actor for his role in the comedy Dumbbells, in theaters and on demand January 10th . They've put in place an outdoor campaign in Los Angeles followed by a "touching" for your consideration teaser, which you can check out below.

Dumbbells For Your Consideration Billboard 1
Dumbbells For Your Consideration Billboard 2

Dumbbells follows Chris Long (Brian Drolet), an ex-NCAA star turned trainer who finds new purpose when his gym's shallow new owner, Jack (Hoyt Richards), unleashes a lucrative plan to turn the neglected business into a reality show. When Chris' complacent peers resist this new direction, he and Jack form an unlikely alliance that allows them to face the demons of their pasts and ultimately, save their gym's future.