Daredevil: Michael Clarke Duncan has officially signed on to Daredevil. He will join Ben Affleck, Colin Farrell (Yes, Hollywood still wants to make him a star) and Jennifer Garner from TV's Alias. Duncan will play William Fisk, a New York crime boss who hides behind his successful legit businesses. Farrell is playing Bullseye, Garner is Elektra and there's only one more major role left to fill. Shooting is scheduled to begin in L.A. as soon as Affleck is done with Gigli.

Oscar winner Rick Baker (Does he have six or seven?) has lost his battle to create The Hulk for the new film by director Ang Lee. Lee is in prep now on the film that will shoot both in Los Angeles and the Bay Area starting in March. Baker, who will probably win another Oscar this year for his work on Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes, was lobbying hard to get the job. Lee was apparently blown away by a test that the guys at ILM (Industrial Light & Magic) showed him. Eric Bana is training now for the film.

Bad Boys 2:Uber-Producer Jerry Bruckheimer has been very talkative lately about his upcoming slate of films. Among the films on his to do list? Bruckheimer recently had a meeting with Martin Lawrence and Will Smith (presumably to discuss their pay-cuts) regarding the upcoming Bad Boys 2. Big Jer also wants to team Will Smith with Ben Affleck (does Ben ever get tired?) in a film about a racist Boston cop who's new partner is... well, you got the rest, didn't you?

Edward Norton has chosen his next project. When he's done torturing young Brett Ratner on Red Dragon , he'll be heading to New York to shoot The 25th Hour , based on the novel by David Benioff. Spike Lee will direct the film about a man set to go to prison on drug charges who decides to spend his last free night with his two best friends. Over the course of the night, many things are revealed. Camera's are set to role in May.

And finally...

Toy Men: A pitch by actor Vince Vaughn about four toy developers who pursue a young suburban housewife who they believe has the next big toy idea, is close to being picked up by MGM. Vaughn would play one of the salesmen who drafts his own eleven year-old daughter to help him win over the housewife. If it gets picked up, Steve Pink ( Grosse Point Blank ) would write the screenplay.

From Somewhere On The Beach...~Jane Doe