While fans still have just under two years left until Duncan Jones' Warcraft hits theaters in March 2016, the filmmaker is already looking forward to his next project, which could end up being the long-delayed sci-fi thriller Mute.

Take a look at what the director had to say on his Twitter page earlier this week, then read on for more details regarding Mute.

The "Don Quixote shelf" he mentions is likely a reference to director Terry Gilliam's ill-fated The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, which was shut down after a tumultuous production that was chronicled in the 2003 documentary Lost in La Mancha. The project is still on the shelf, but the director is still trying to make it happen.

We first reported on Mute way back in June 2009, just a few weeks after his directorial debut Moon hit theaters. The sci-fi thriller centers on a mute bartender who takes on his city's ruthless gangsters, to find out what happened to his missing girlfriend. The project was believed to be his follow-up to Moon, but he revealed in a January 2011 interview that it isn't moving forward. Here's what he had to say about Mute at that time.

"Well it's in a bit of a limbo actually. I've always loved the script and felt it was a film worth making, but it's a tricky one. It's a sci-fi film, and one of the drafts of the scripts got leaked a while back. The reaction was mixed. Most people didn't get the fact that yes it is sci-fi but it's a futurist film. It's a thriller that happens to take place in the future, it's not some amazing piece of technology that you know the world is depending upon and the whole story revolves around some particular piece of technology or some sci-fi hook.

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That was the whole idea, to tell a film that can be based in any period, but just HAPPENS to take place in the future. And it's been very difficult to basically pitch that in a way where people understand why it needs to be done that way. People just say, why can't it be in a contemporary setting? But no, it's about mood and atmosphere as much as anything else. It's also quite dark so it's been a tough sell. Also, it's not a big film, it has been designed to be sort of a smaller and more independent film. Budget wise, it's in between Moon and Source Code.

I just need to get away from it for a while. I'll come back to it one day and hopefully it'll work the way I see it working. In the meantime, I have another project that I'm very excited about. It will address what people expect from sci-fi films but still does what I want it to do, and still has the heart and energy that I'd wanna see in a sci-fi film."

Duncan Jones co-wrote the script with Michael Robert Johnson (Sherlock Holmes, Pompeii). The director also hinted in 2011 that he may turn the Mute screenplay into a graphic novel, but that hasn't happened as of yet. Would you like to see Duncan Jones make Mute after Warcraft? Chime in with your thoughts below.