Super Bowl 2018's commercials might be better than the actual game. Case in point: The fictional Dundee movie Tourism Australia trailer is a stroke of genius. For the last few weeks we've been teased with what we thought was going to be a real sequel to Crocodile Dundee, but instead it was revealed that it was actually a commercial to promote tourism to Australia with a huge A-list Aussie cast that would make most major motion pictures jealous.

Danny McBride is Brian Dundee, Mick's American son, and he's traveling through the dangerous Australian Outback to find his dad. Mick is missing in the outback and McBride's hilarious Brian is traveling with Chris Hemsworth, who is an expert in the Australian Outback. Before Hemsworth was revealed to be in the commercial and people still thought it was a real movie, many pointed out that Hemsworth would be the better pick. But now we know that it was all a clever ploy for an elaborate Super Bowl 2018 commercial.

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Dundee probably works better as a viral campaign than an actual Crocodile Dundee movie would have done in theaters, even with an insane cast including Danny McBride, Chris Hemsworth, Liam Hemsworth, Margot Robbie, Paul Hogan, Hugh Jackman, Isla Fisher, Russell Crow, Ruby Rose, and more. The absurd commercial does exactly what it's supposed to do in that we all remember it and remember that it's for Tourism Australia. It really is a stroke of genius. Now that the commercial is out, it will be interesting to see if somebody explains how it was put together because the cast is nuts. That could make an interesting documentary on its own, especially since so much money went into the creation of the commercial.

IMDB says that the budget for the Dundee commercial was $30 million, which is pretty insane, but it appears to have paid off since it's the commercial that everybody is talking about right now. There was plenty of online buzz for the fictional sequel, but now everybody is racing online to see the rest of the commercial since there was so much filmed. Tourism Australia needs to seriously give the mastermind behind this idea a crazy raise and a new office or something.

The Dundee commercial is finally here after weeks of speculation thanks to the 2018 Super Bowl. If you weren't watching the game, you're in luck because we have the official Dundee commercial along with all of the teasers collected for you below and there's a ton of footage to check out. From Margot Robbie throwing a guy into some chairs and chanting "free beer!" to Danny McBride trying the old bushman's trick on a water buffalo from 50 yards away. It's all here and it's hilarious. You can check out all the new Tourism Australia commercial below, courtesy of the official Dundee Movie website.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick