Denis Villeneuve recently discussed how David Lynch's Dune inspired him on his remake. The director is currently in the post-production process of his adaptation of Frank Herbert's Dune. The story is dense, with a ton of characters, who all have rich backstories. Many, including director Alejandro Jodorowsky, claim that it's impossible to bring Herbert's source material to the screen. Villeneuve believes that Lynch's take showed him that it was possible to do something different with the story that relied more on the book.

David Lynch famously lost creative control of his version of Dune to the studio and was left heartbroken by the experience. Things got so bad that he later asked to have his name removed from the project. Denis Villeneuve knew after watching the movie that he could improve upon it, which started his long journey to where he is today. Villeneuve explains.

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"I'm a big David Lynch fan, he's the master. When I saw [Lynch]'s Dune I remember being excited, but his take... there are parts that I love and other elements that I am less comfortable with. So it's like, I remember being half-satisfied. That's why I was thinking to myself, 'There's still a movie that needs to be made about that book, just a different sensibility.'"

Back in 2017, Denis Villeneuve started to tease what he had in mind for Dune, noting that he wanted to make Star Wars, but "for adults." He also spoke about David Lynch's take. "I was impressed, but it was not what I had dreamed of, so I'm trying to make the adaptation of my dreams," said the director. "It will not have any link with the David Lynch movie. I'm going back to the book, and going to the images that came out when I read it." So far, U.S. audiences are still waiting to see the trailer for the highly anticipated movie, which is still scheduled to open in theaters at the end of this year.

As for David Lynch, he has zero interest in seeing Denis Villeneuve's Dune. The iconic director isn't trying to be mean-spirited, it's just that his experience is still lingering. "I always say, Dune is a huge gigantic sadness in my life," Lynch said last year. "I did not have final cut on that film. Total creative control, I didn't have it. The film is not the film I would've made had I had that final control. It's a bit of a sadness."

Alejandro Jodorowsky famously attempted to make Dune in the 1970s and got pretty far into the pre-production stage. The concept art for the movie is now legendary and went on to inspire a young filmmaker named George Lucas, who later went on to take sci-fi to new heights. Unlike David Lynch, Jodorowsky will see Denis Villeneuve's Dune, though he still thinks it's impossible to pull off. The interview with Denis Villeneuve was originally conducted by Empire.

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