Denis Villeneuve's Dune is heading to Budapest, Hungary in August for reshoots. Oscar Isaac revealed the news in a recent interview while also pointing out a similarity to the Star Wars sequel trilogy. Fans of Frank Herbert's 1965 sci-fi novel have been waiting for a proper big screen adaptation for over 30 years now, and Villeneuve may have finally done it by splitting the beloved book into two separate movies. From the industry buzz surrounding a highlight reel, the director was able to create something pretty special.

Reshoots are common in today's world of filmmaking, so there really shouldn't be anything to worry about with the Dune remake. Denis Villeneuve is a perfectionist, so going back in for additional photography makes sense. The source material is already set, so don't expect some crazy rewrites. As Oscar Isaac points out, it's also something that they did with The Rise of Skywalker. He had this to say about the Dune reshoots.

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"We're going to do some additional shooting in mid-August... they're saying in Budapest in Hungary. I saw some things cut together and it just looks amazing. [Director] Denis [Villeneuve] is a real artist and it will be exciting to see it come together. It's kind of wild that we're doing some additional shooting a few months before it's supposed to come out, but that happened with Star Wars as well."

While Dune is split into two movies, the first installment is able to stand alone, according to cinematographer Greig Fraser. "It's a fully formed story in itself with places to go. It's a fully standalone epic film that people will get a lot out of when they see it," Fraser said. The cinematographer also points out that it was a lot of fun to make the movie, even when they were dealing with temperatures of over 100 degrees in the desert.

As for when we'll get our first official look at Dune, that could be coming up rather soon. It has been reported that the first trailer might play in front of the tenth anniversary screenings of Christopher Nolan's Inception, starting on July 17th. While that has not been confirmed, the timeline makes sense, since the movie is still scheduled to hit theaters in December. However, that will all really depend on whether or not movie theaters end up opening their doors next month. As of now, there is still some uncertainty surrounding the opening of theaters and other indoor areas where large crowds can gather.

Dune will hopefully open in theaters on December 18th. For now, we'll just have to wait and see how things go for Tenet and the other movies still on target for a late summer release. If things go smooth during the rest of the summer into the fall, we should see Dune meet its target release date. Deadline was the first to reveal the Dune remake reshoot news.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick