Paramount Pictures is cutting ties with Dune after a four-year struggle to remake the classic Frank Herbert adaptation. Producer Richard P. Rubinstein holds the rights to the Frank Herbert novel and, after Paramount's option ran out, an extension was not granted. Here's what the producer had to say about his future plans for the project.

"I'm going to look at my options, and whether I wind up taking the script we developed in turnaround, or start over, I'm not sure yet."
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The news was foreshadowed back in January when director Pierre Morel stepped away from the project. Chase Palmer developed the script with Pierre Morel, which Richard P. Rubinstein might take with him. Richard P. Rubinstein was set to produce with Kevin Misher, although he may be off the project as well, according to Richard P. Rubinstein.

"Right now, Dune has no commitments or attachments."

Richard P. Rubinstein also revealed he may try to get Pierre Morel and Chase Palmer attached again, although the project doesn't have a studio home at the moment. On the other hand, if they can find a financier willing to put up the $100 million production budget, they may be moving forward without a studio.