A new image from Denis Villeneuve's Dune has been released. Josh Brolin's Gurney Halleck character can be seen with Timothee Chalamet's Paul Atreides. Villeneuve has slowly been revealing a little bit more about the highly anticipated movie over the past few weeks and many are under the assumption that a trailer release could be close. As of this writing, the movie is still on track to open in theaters this winter, though that could change at any moment.

Denis Villeneuve provided some backstory for the new Dune image of Josh Brolin and Timothée Chalamet in a recent interview. Brolin's Gurney Halleck grips Chalamet's Paul Atreides' hand, both of them trying to balance on an airborne ornithopter. As it turns out, the scene in which the photo is from, is one of the director's current favorites. You can read what he had to say about the image and Chalamet's Atreides character below.

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"It's Paul's first contact with the deep desert, where he's mesmerized by it. He has a strange feeling of being home. There's a lot of action at this specific moment, and [it's] one of the scenes in the movie that I'm starting to get pretty proud of."

The image of Josh Brolin and Timothee Chalamet is teasing some pretty big action from the upcoming Dune movie. Paul Atreides' arrival on Arrakis awakens something from within him, which explains why he would be mesmerized by what he is seeing for the first time. "The immediately appealing thing about Paul was the fact that in a story of such detail and scale and world-building, the protagonist is on an anti-hero's-journey of sorts," Chalamet said recently. "He thinks he's going to be sort of a young general studying his father and his leadership of a fighting force before he comes of age, hopefully a decade later, or something like that."

Dune is very much a passion project for Denis Villeneuve. The director has talked about wanting to make a Star Wars, "but for adults," for years now and he seems to be close to his goal. However, that doesn't mean it has been easy. Frank Herbert's source material is notoriously dense and full of information that fans are going to expect to see in Villeneuve's take.

Thankfully, Denis Villeneuve is taking his vision of Dune and spreading it across two movies. This should help with trying to pack as much detail from the book on to the big screen, but there are still some Frank Herbert fans who are a bit on the skeptical side, especially after David Lynch's adaptation. Lynch has already said that he has zero interest in checking out what Villeneuve has done because his experience was just too painful. The latest image from Denis Villeneuve's Dune comes to us from Empire Online and you can check it out below.