Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson, who collaborated on the Dune prequel book series, recently took to social media to announce that they will be consultants and producers on Denis Villeneuve's Dune project, which may or may not end up as a franchise. Villeneuve has hinted that the project could be more than one movie when he declared that his version of the iconic source material will be like a "Star Wars, but for adults." This comment sparked some outrage from current adult fans of the Star Wars franchise, but the director's comments were more about the tone of the movie, while taking an ever so subtle jab at the Star Wars universe.

Brian Herbert, who is the son of Dune author Frank Herbert and the gatekeeper of the property, announced via Twitter that he and Kevin J. Anderson would be joining the Blade Runner 2049 director on his take on the massive novel. In addition, Herbert revealed that he has seen Denis Villeneuve's script for the movie. He had this to say.

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"I've seen 2 drafts of the Dune screenplay, and Kevin and I made comments on each. It's getting better and better. Lots more is going on, and I'll say more when I can."

For many fans of Dune, the inclusion of Frank Herbert's son is the key to a movie that will faithfully tell the story of the iconic novel. And to do it faithfully, the Dune movie will more than likely end up having to be more than one movie, since the book is over 400 pages. David Lynch took a stab at the sci-fi property in the 80s, which didn't turn out so well, admitted by all parties involved and fans after seeing the movie.

While speaking at a recent event, Denis Villeneuve revealed that his Dune project would likely take over two years to complete and said that he hopes that the project will be at least two movies and possibly more. This has led to speculation that we could end up seeing a Dune franchise in the near future. Having Brian Herbert on board, paired with Villeneuve's desire to make more than one movie and his comments about Star Wars for adults pretty much confirms that they're all aiming for a franchise, which is very exciting for fans who have been waiting years for a proper adaptation.

Denis Villeneuve was careful not to say anything else about his Dune project other than the desire to do more than one movie. Brian Herbert was also careful not to say anything else other than that he's read two versions of the screenplay. This means that there's going to be some pretty big Dune news dropping really soon, so fans should prepare accordingly. But, it's still going to be a pretty long wait since Denis Villeneuve says that it'll take at least two years to complete. You can check out the tweets announcing the new consultant and producer roles below, courtesy of Brian Herbert's Twitter account.