Kyle MacLachlan has revealed whether or not he'll appear in Denis Villeneuve's Dune remake. MacLachlan famously starred in David Lynch's 1984 adaption of Frank Herbert's iconic source material. While the movie does have a cult audience now, it wasn't exactly what Herbert fans were hoping for when it hit theaters. Villeneuve was one of those fans who never felt like the movie did the source material justice, while also taking the time to praise the work that Lynch put into making it the best that it could be for that time.

While Kyle MacLachlan is excited to see the Dune remake, he will not have a cameo in it. When asked about the possibility, he flat out denied it by saying, "no." He went on to praise Denis Villeneuve and he has already expressed interest in what young actor Timothee Chalamet will bring to the table. Chalamet is playing Paul Atreides, which is the role MacLachlan played in the David Lynch version back in the mid-80s. When it comes down to it, the actor believes there's room for both of them.

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The Dune remake is currently in the post-production process. Kyle MacLachlan has yet to see any footage of the movie but says, "Timothee I think will do a fantastic job, I'm very much looking forward to the vision he has." He went on to stand up for his old friend David Lynch, noting that his version had "a very specific vision." He concluded by stating, "so this will be something completely different I'm sure. Why not have both stand on their own merits?" The actor is right, both movies are going to be completely different from each other and be able to stand on their own.

While Kyle MacLachlan hasn't seen any of the Dune remake footage, we do know that some insiders were treated to a featurette, which showed behind-the-scenes stuff, along with a few uncomplete scenes from the movie. The footage has been described as "beautiful," while drawing comparisons to The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars franchises, in terms of scope. Regardless, Frank Herbert fans are extremely excited to see what Denis Villeneuve does now that we've heard some teases.

Denis Villeneuve's Dune is all set to hit theaters late this year, which means we should have some footage within the next few months. However, Villeneuve seems to be keeping everything that he can under wraps. We have only been teased with a few set photos from the actors and then some leaked images that just recently surfaced. Regardless, there's a lot to look forward to as we wait and see what the director's Star Wars for adults looks like. If the early reactions to the unfinished footage are any indication, it's going to be epic. You can check out the rest of the interview with Kyle MacLachlan over at Indie Wire.