While there hasn't been a full trailer released for Dunkrik since December, fans who attended CinemaCon in Las Vegas last month got a sneak peek at director Christopher Nolan's WWII action thriller. Today, Warner Bros. debuted a new preview confirming that the final trailer will debut on Friday, May 5 at 9 PM PT. It is believed that this latest sneak peek will be attached to theatrical prints of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, which kicks off the summer movie season on May 5, and is expected to have a number of other big summer movie trailers attached to it, like Sony's The Dark Tower, but that hasn't been confirmed yet.

This trailer preview, which debuted on Warner Bros. YouTube, is only 15 second long, and only shows an empty beach, along with a title card that reads "400,000 men," which refers to the number of Allied troops that fought in this battle. We can also hear one unspecified character stating, "I'm not going back," which is most likely Fionn Whitehead, who is seen in a brief moment towards the end of this preview. With the July 21 release just two and a half months away, it remains to be seen how much footage will be unveiled from this highly-anticipated summer war movie.

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We learned in March about Dunkirk's PG-13 rating, which turned out to be quite controversial, since most World War II movies are rated R. A few weeks after the rating was handed down, Christopher Nolan cleared the air about this decision to craft a PG-13 movie, revealing he feels most comfortable working within the confines of that rating, while clarifying that it's not a war film, but a "survival film." The filmmaker also debunked a rumor that he got the studio to spend a whopping $5 million on a vintage WWII plane, only to crash it for this movie. The director stated that they did fly vintage aircraft in the movie, but they also built full-scale replicas to crash.

While there have been two trailers for Dunkirk released thus far, they haven't revealed too much, although Christopher Nolan himself recently helped explain the plot. The movie is based on the events that took place at the Battle of Dunkirk in 1940, which the director described as an essential moment in the war, when German forces allowed over 330,000 of the assembled 400,000 Allied troops to retreat, which at the time was considered a "defeat" for the Allied forces, but it became a turning point in the war for new British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. The director recently broke down his Dunkirk plot structure, with the story being told from three points of view, exploring soldiers in the air and on land and sea.

The Dunkirk cast includes Tom Hardy, who is believed to be the focal point of the air segments, Cillian Murphy and Mark Rylance, who represent the sea portion of the story, and pop star Harry Styles, who is one of the thousands of soldiers on the beach. The supporting cast also includes Kenneth Branagh, James D'Arcy, Aneurin Barnard, Jack Lowden and Barry Keoghan. Christopher Nolan directs from his own screenplay, with Dunkirk going up against EuropaCorp's Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets on July 21. Take a look at this trailer preview below for Dunkirk.