While director Christopher Nolan and cinematographer Wally Pfister have a long standing relationship that stretches all the way back to Nolan's 2001 directorial debut Memento, it sounds like the filmmaker is taking on a different collaborator for his upcoming WWII drama Dunkirk. While many suspected that Wally Pfister would be coming aboard, Nolan has instead decided to go with his Interstellar director of photography Hoyte van Hoytema. The movie shoots this summer.

Dunkirk was announced in late December as director Christopher Nolan's next project. He has since been busy prepping the true-life tale. Composer Hans Zimmer, who created all of the music for the Dark Knight trilogy will be back to score the adventure drama. And the secondary cast is being played by heavy hitters such as Tom Hardy, Mark Rylance and Kenneth Branagh. The main actors in the film will be mostly unknowns, which are still in the process of being cast.

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Christopher Nolan and Hoyte van Hoytema will shoot the movie in IMAX 65mm and 65mm large-format film. Hoyte van Hoytema was recently inducted into the American Society of Cinematographers. His other work outside of Interstellar includes this past winter's James Bond adventure Spectre, 2001's Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and 2008's Let the Right One in.

Dunkirk will shoot partially on location in Dunkirk. The movie is inspired by Operation Dynamo. In 1940, a miracle mission saved nearly 340,000 Allied troops after being trapped by Nazis in this Northern area of France. Christopher Nolan is directing Dunkirk from his own original screenplay.

Christopher Nolan and his team have already begun casting teenagers in the London area for the main roles, but no actors have yet been announced. Dunkirk will be a large-scale production. Christopher Nolan wants maximum image quality, and high-impact immersion in telling his next story. Dunkirk begins shooting in May, and will utilize many of the real locations where this true piece of war history happened.