The upcoming comedy Little Fockers is gearing up for some re-shoots which will include Dustin Hoffman, reprising his role from Meet the Fockers, Bernie Focker.

Deadline New York has the news on the reshoots, which will take place in September. The site is reporting that Dustin Hoffman was originally set to appear in Little Fockers, but was written out of the sequel when a deal couldn't be reached. Now, with reshoots happening, producers Jay Roach and John Hamburg were able to convince Dustin Hoffman to join the film, even though they are going to pay him what he would have originally earned to appear in the entire film.

It was said that he will shoot a few scenes with Barbra Streisand, as well as a large scene towards the end of the film that will include all of the main characters. There are also scenes being re-shot that include Ben Stiller and his on-screen children. The film is still set for release on December 22. We'll be sure to keep you posted with any further information on Little Fockers as soon as it is released.