In a story from The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. has snapped up the movie rights to 3 Story: The Secret History of The Giant Man. This property is a Dark Horse Comics graphic novel by Matt Kindt.

Dustin Lance Black (he won an Oscar for writing Milk) is going to write and direct this adaptation, which is going to be produced by Dark Horse Entertainment.

The graphic novel explores the life of a giant man, Craig Pressgang, whose medical condition causes him to continuously grow. The tale is told to us "from the point of view of three women -- his mother, wife and daughter -- and follows Craig's journey from birth to his eventual three-story height."

Black's outlook on the property is said to focus on the father-daughter relationship and it will also "soften the melancholic ending."

Black made his directorial debut with What's Wrong with Virginia, which stars Emma Roberts and Jennifer Connelly.