While the DVD industry didn't have as good a year as last year, it still beat out bleak predictions.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the total DVD sales and rental figures for 2007 came out to be $23.7 billion, a little more than 2% down from 2006. Some estimates had the decline as high as 5%.

The total DVD sales tally came in at $16 billion, just slightly down from last year's $16.6 billion, with high-definition sales adding $300 million into the mix and the rental biz accounting for $7.5 billion. The figures were compiled by the Digital Entertainment Group on behalf of the studios.

"Consumer appetite for DVD is still very strong," DEG executive director Amy Jo Smith said, noting that DVD generated more cash in 2007 than music, video games or even boxoffice receipts. "There is a softening in marketplace, but it's not as dramatic as the headlines were letting on. And maintaining a $24 billion a year business -- that's huge."

The three top-selling DVD's were separated by only 500,000 units sold. Transformers (13.7 million units), Happy Feet (13.5 million units) and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (13.2 units) were followed by 300 (12.9 million units) and Shrek the Third (12.2 million units) finished in the top 5 for sales.

Rounding out the top 10 for sales were Ratatouille at sixth (12 million units), Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix at seventh (10.1 million units), The Departed in eighth (8.9 million units), Night at the Museum in ninth (8.7 million units) and The Bourne Ultimatum in tenth (7.4 million units).

The report also stated that 33 million DVD players were sold this year, on par with last year, which brings the total number of DVD players at 230 million, including built-in TV units and portable units. That total number puts the penetration rate for DVD at 90 percent, with 60 percent of American homes with more than one DVD player.