While the writers strike has put much of the film and television industries on lockdown, the home entertainment industry is flourishing.

Accoring to a story from The Hollywood Reporter, which sites a recent survey, 43% of respondants said they've spent more time watching DVD films since the strike, and 23% said they have spent more time viewing DVD television programming. On the other side of the spectrum, 27% said they have spent less time watching network TV while 12% said they've watched less cable and satellite TV series'.

"The strike makes scripted programming more valuable than ever," said Michael Downling, CEO of Interpret LLC which conducted the survey online January 11-12. "As top shows disappear from primetime, viewers may go back and watch critically lauded TV series they missed the first time around, play more video games or watch more movies on DVD."

The survey also showed that video games were thriving from the strike as well, with 26% of those surveyed saying that they have spent more time playing video games since the strike started.

Among other findings were that 94% were aware of the strike and that about a third of respondants have changed their media habits because of it.