It seems that folks are making it a "dollar night" instead of a "Blockbuster night" in the DVD rental business. According to The Hollywood Reporter, business is booming for DVD rental kiosks like RedBox have captured 19% of the current DVD rental market and it should grow even more by next year. A study by the NPD Group that was released today stated that rental kiosks could take hold of 30% of the rental market by the end of 2010.

"Consumers are obviously responding positively to the perceived value of $1-per-day rentals," NPD analyst Russ Crupnick said. "And they appreciate the convenience offered by video rental kiosks."

These kiosks represented just 2% of the rental share a few years ago, before RedBox started its aggressive push for kiosks all across the country. Currently the kiosk's 19% share compares to a 36% share by Netflix and other subscription services and 45% from traditional rental outlets like Blockbuster.

"In the coming months, both subscription services and traditional video retailers will experience even more competition from kiosks, which are becoming more ubiquitous in grocery stores, mass merchandisers and quick-serve restaurants," Crupnick said.