Dwayne Johnson posed with a beluga whale and sea lion during his family trip to the aquarium, while also sharing an image of a whale shark. Johnson thanked the staff of the aquarium for taking such good care of all of the animals in the establishment. Everything seemed all well and good, except for the comments section of the actor's social media account, which called Johnson out for advocating for animals in captivity. Within minutes of posting the pictures, Johnson's comment section was flooded with angry animal rights activists.

One of the pictures that Dwayne Johnson posted featured a giant whale shark that he joked about jumping in the water with to hitch a ride. The action mega-star commented that he was "in awe" of the 100,000 sea creatures that the Georgia Aquarium takes care of. However, Johnson's enthusiasm for the aquarium was not shared by many of his followers on social media. One fan called Johnson's visit "cruel," while another remarked that she was "so disappointed" in the actor for going to the aquarium and supporting animal captivity.

One of Dwayne Johnson's fans simply stated that, "animals don't belong in captivity," in all capital letters to make sure that the point got across effectively. The Georgia Aquarium was then accused of making a profit off of the innocent lives of the defenseless sea creatures. Other fans were "devastated" that Johnson would go to an aquarium to begin with. One comment that has over 1,100 likes slammed Johnson for supporting and promoting animal captivity. The comment reads.

"Animal cruelty and captivity should not be supported, let alone promoted. I thought you were a man of principles whose views would be against such concepts."

While there are a lot of animal rights activists upset with Dwayne Johnson's family trip the aquarium, there were many fans who started to mock the people who were upset for being "too sensitive." A mini social media war is still going on in the comments section of the aquarium pictures with several fans standing up for the Georgia Aquarium and others around the world, calling them "harmless institutions," while others chimed in to say that the sea life born in the aquarium would not be able to survive in nature on their own.

Making matters worse, the Georgia Aquarium is known to have the fourth-worst tanks for whales and dolphins in North America. They've also recently come under fire for the deaths of some beluga whales in their possession. Dwayne Johnson has yet to respond to the aquarium backlash that he accidentally started by going on a family trip to hang with some sea lions and beluga whales. You can check out the aforementioned pictures below, thanks to Dwayne Johnson's Instagram account and see how completely stoked that the beluga whale appears to be meeting The Rock in person.

Kevin Burwick