Snitch, a project which has been languishing in development for years, is getting new life as Dwayne Johnson enters talks to star in the prison drama.

Ric Roman Waugh will direct and rewrite the original script by Justin Haythe. The story, which is based on a Frontline documentary, centers on a father who is shattered when his son is sentenced to 30 years in prison on drug charges. The father risks his life by going undercover to try and nail a drug kingpin in order to reduce his son's sentence.

Nigel Sinclair, Guy East, Alex Brunner, David Fanning, and Gordon Gray are producing. A June production start is being eyed by the producers.

Both Dwayne Johnson and Ric Roman Waugh are no stranger to prison dramas. Dwayne Johnson recently starred in Faster as an ex-con seeking vengeance for his 10 years in prison and his dead brother. Ric Roman Waugh last directed Felon, which centered on a normal family man sentenced to hard time in a maximum security prison.