Dwayne Johnson does it all. Chef, Actor, Professional Athlete...And now movie critic? Yes, you heard that right. The Rock is coming on this side of the screen to offer his helping hand in advising folks what to see at the cinema this weekend. And should it come as any surprise that he chose the big screen adaptation of IT, which is set to open in theaters around the country for Thursday Night Previews? The WWE Superstar doesn't just like the movie and want you to see it. He calls it one of his favorite movies of all time.

That is a pretty bold claim. The Rock actually got to see IT two months ago, but is only talking about it now. He shared his thoughts on The Official Rock Instagram. He has close ties to New Line, and will soon be making a Black Adam movie for Warner Bros.' sister studio. He had this to say about Pennywise and the Losers' Club.

"I saw this movie two months ago and it instantly became one of my all time favorites. Easily TOP 10 all time. 
Not only does it redefine the horror genre, but it's so layered, smart and brilliantly scary. Congrats to the awesome young cast aka The Losers Club for killing their performances. To Bill Skarsgard for delivering an iconic performance as Pennywise. And to the entire crew and my good buds at Warner Bros/New Line. And most of all congrats to director, Andy Muschietti for making such a defining film. You knocked it outta the f*cking park! 
Great talking with you man and we're gonna have some fun working together down the road. As a huge fan of the horror genre, this one's special. Have you fully recovered @simonegjohnson?"

The most interesting take away here is that The Rock says he'll be working with IT director Andy Muschietti sometime down the road. There has been no mention of Mushietti and Dwayne Johnson working together yet. Did The Rock just break the news that Black Adam has found its director?

We know Shazam is the next DC movie to shoot after Aquaman. But that movie is being directed by David Sandberg, who gave the world the nail-biting thriller Lights Out. And Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam is confirmed to have been cut out of the movie. Hmm. All things to ponder.

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Back to IT. So, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson thinks it's one of the top 10 movies he's ever seen? That's interesting, except we have no frame of reference for how many movies he's seen, or what type of movies he even likes. But we do know this recommendation is coming from the guy who gave us Smack-Aroni Salad! IT has been garnering tons of glowing reviews. And it is poised to be the biggest movie of the early fall season. It will definitely break some September records.

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