Movie sets can be somewhat mundane, filming the same shot over and over again for hours on end. Sometimes, to break up the monotony, pranks are pulled, such as the one Dwayne Johnson pulled on the set of Hercules in a new video. Watch as the actor has a little fun with the prop supervisor, then read the actor's description of how it all went down.

"On a movie set we have a "Prop Supervisor" who's job is to make sure everything's 100% perfect before the Assistant Director yells.."Aaand ACTION". Today we have Prop Supervisor Mickey who's ensuring the drapes are perfectly still for our take once I get in position. What Mickey doesn't know is I'm a beast w/ a vice grip and once my hands get ahold of you.. you become my lunch. #MickeyLivesAnotherDay #LeatherCanBeRestricting #GottaSumHaveFun #HERCULESMovie"