The future of the Captain Marvel/Shazam film may be up in the air, but Dwayne Johnson is still interested in making the film. Johnson, who was promoting Race to Witch Mountain told MTV that he was still amped-up to play the role of Black Adam, Captain Marvel's nemesis, adding that the character is the only comic-book character who has appealed to him.

"I'm sure the movie eventually will get made the way that we all collectively want to make the movie," said Johnson, "so when that happens, that's going to be bad-ass." However, Johnson also explained that the film was currently going through a bit of a delay.

"I think we're starting from page one," Johnson said. "From what I know talking to [director] Pete Segal, there were creative differences between the script that came in and what the studio's ideas were. That's what happens when you start developing a script - there are so many people involved because it's such a big project and everybody has their opinion in it creatively. It's too bad when you can't come to an agreement."

In the comics, Captain Marvel is a character whose powers are similar to Superman's, but with a considerably different origin. Captain Marvel is really Billy Batson, a kid (sometimes written as young as seven or eight, sometimes written as a teenager), who transforms into the World's Mightiest Mortal, Captain Marvel, when he says the name of the wizard Shazam, who gave him his powers. Captain Marvel's greatest enemy, Black Adam, is a former champion of Shazam's from ancient Egypt.