Does President Rock have a nice ring to it? As ridiculous as you may think that sounds, we may not be able to rule it out entirely. Dwayne Johnson, one of the biggest movie stars on the planet, has declared that running for President of the United States is not out of the question. Going so far as to say that it is a "real possibility."

The 45-year-old professional wrestler turned actor was recently interviewed by GQ in order to promote his upcoming R-rated Baywatch movie. You know, like any future president would be doing. During the conversation, Dwayne Johnson was asked about the possibility of running for President of the United States, something which has been brought up in the past. In the past, he has been a bit non-committal, but now? He has a clear, definitive answer. Here's what he had to say.

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"A year ago, it started coming up more and more. There was a real sense of earnestness, which made me go home and think, 'Let me really rethink my answer and make sure I am giving an answer that is truthful and also respectful.' I didn't want to be flippant, 'We'll have three days off for a weekend! No taxes!'I think that it's a real possibility."

It may sound crazy to hear at first, but Dwayne Johnson has clearly put some thought into this answer, as he has been asked about it a lot. That is not to say he is going to put his name on the ticket in 2020, but he won't rule it out, and maybe he shouldn't. The current president is a former reality TV star, and Arnold Schwarzenegger was governor of California for two terms, quite successfully. Were it not for laws preventing him from doing so, Schwarzenegger would probably be running for president at some point as well. What Johnson has going for him, at least right now, is popularity. Lots and lots of popularity. Not reality TV popularity, mind you. People love this guy. Who's to say he couldn't leverage that into a political career? When People named him sexiest man alive recently, the subject was also addressed and, he seems to have a genuine interest in making this country a better place.

""I used to say it jokingly but every time I was asked, it was with a real genuine interest. And it was very earnest. And so I started to really think. Could I make a difference? Could I surround myself with really brilliant people to help me make decisions? Do I care about this country? And when the answers continued to come up yes, then I thought, there's a good chance. Yeah, one day. Then we'll do another interview like this."

One interesting thing about The Rock is that, despite the fact that he is one of the most famous people on the planet and has been in the spotlight for a very long time, he has never really been rocked by scandal. Negative press is not something he really comes up against very often, and that could lend itself well to a political career in the future. For now, he is very busy with a huge list of movie projects that will keep him busy for at least the next handful of years. But hey, maybe we'll be seeing Dwayne Johnson on the ticket in 2024? Stranger things have happened.