While talking with Dwayne Johnson today on the set of Peter Segal's Get Smart, the actor was asked if he was still considering the role of Shazam! The Rock cocked his head and smiled, pensive about his response. Seems Segal is directing the super hero flick, and he has talked with Johnson about the project.

Dwayne stated, "Listen, John August is writing the script. He is a tremendous writer. And I will wait for the script to come in. I would love to work with Pete again. And certainly, I love everything that John August has done. It is a strong possibility."

Asked if he was excitied to wear the tights, Dwayne responded, "Knowing Pete, he will update it...Pete is very excited about the project, and he talks about it with passion. He understands the importance of getting that right. He's a big comic book fan."

Does that mean The Rock is a huge comic book fan himself? "No. I wasn't a huge comic book fan," he joked, "I had to learn how to read first. The pictures were good!"