It appears that Dwayne Johnson might be working with the director of his upcoming film yet again. Moviehole spoke with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson at the junket for his upcoming film Race to Witch Mountain, and the actor revealed that he's teaming up with that film's director, Andy Fickman, and Zac Efron for a new film version of Johnny Quest.

"I love the script, I love working with Andy...", Johnson told the site. "I don't know if you've read the latest draft but it's awesome and it's badass and I haven't read, this is what I told everyone over at Warner Bros., and I love the studio too by the way, you know, I had my experience with them with Get Smart and they were great, I hadn't read an action script like that in a LONG time. And that action was unbelievable. That will happen."

Johnson would portray Race Bannon, who trains Quest, while it was confirmed that the rumors of Zac Efron playing the title character were apparently true.

"I loved Jonny Quest when I was a kid," Johnson added. "If you go a little older, it gives you more, it allows you to just gives you a bit more, you know. But then you want to honor it too, so..."