With the release of Dying of the Light in theaters and on VOD coming up tomorrow, December 5, we have an exclusive clip featuring stars Nicolas Cage and Anton Yelchin, following our exclusive photos from last month. Nicolas Cage stars as Evan Lake, a veteran CIA agent who has been ordered to retire. But when his protégé (Anton Yelchin) uncovers evidence that Lake's nemesis, the terrorist Banir (Alexander Karim), has resurfaced, Lake goes rogue, embarking on a perilous, intercontinental mission to eliminate his sworn enemy.

Written and directed by Paul Schrader, Dying of the Light also stars Alexander Karim, Irène Jacob, Adetomiwa Edun, Aymen Hamdouchi, Claudius Peters and Robert G. Slade. This clip features Evan trying to work through the case in his head, as his young partner tries to help him with the logistics of planning this international mission into a dangerous land. Will they be able to pull off this seemingly-impossible operation? Find out when Dying of the Light debuts tomorrow.

Take a look at this scene featuring Nicolas Cage and Anton Yelchin and see if you can unravel the mysteries of Dying of the Light. Whether in the theater or VOD, this is one thriller that can't be missed this December. It's definitely not the Nicolas Cage we're used to seeing lately, which is a very good thing!