Platinum Studios, Inc. confirmed today that the highly anticipated film, "Dylan Dog: Dead of Night," starring Brandon Routh, Sam Huntington, and Anita Briem, will receive a wide theatrical release in the US on April 29th. The releasing entity will be the newly founded Omni/FSR label. Freestyle Releasing will facilitate the physical aspects of the film's theatrical run, but Omni/FSR, in conjunction with Omnilab Media and Cinemarket, will oversee all aspects of the film's release, including all marketing and P&A expenditures.

Based on one of the world's bestselling comic book series with over 60 million readers worldwide, " Dylan Dog: Dead of Night " blends horror, humor and sophisticated storytelling set in the backstreets of New Orleans -- a city with a long and storied history with the supernatural. The story revolves around Dylan Dog, the world's only private investigator of the undead with a business card that features his slogan, "Investigator of the Paranormal: No pulse, No problem." Along with his assistant Marcus, Dylan will go where the living dare not -- facing down friend and foe alike, until justice is done.

Starring Brandon Routh (Superman Returns), Sam Huntington (Being Human), Anita Briem (Journey to the Center of the Earth) and Taye Diggs (Rent). The film is directed by Kevin Munroe (TMNT).

The film is a Hyde Park Entertainment, Platinum Studios, Inc. and Omnilab Media Group presentation. The producers are Ashok Amritraj (Dark Country, Trick 'r Treat), Scott Mitchell Rosenberg (Cowboys and Aliens) and Gilbert Adler (Superman Returns). The Executive Producers are Christopher Mapp (Power of the Dark Crystal), Matthew Street (W.), Peter D. Graves (Terminator Salvation), Will French (Trust), Kevin Munroe (TMNT), Stephen Roberts (Trust), Patrick Aiello (Street Fighter: Legend of Chun-Li), Lars Sylvest (Death Sentence), David Whealy (Power of the Dark Crystal), and Randy Greenberg (Cowboys and Aliens).

The screenplay is written by Joshua Oppenheimer and Thomas Dean Donnelly (whose credits together include the upcoming Conan the Barbarian and Doctor Strange). The behind the scenes collaborators include the three-time Academy Award®-winning make-up effects company, DRAC Studios.

" Dylan Dog: Dead of Night " is just one of the properties Platinum Studios controls among a multi-universe library of over 4,000 comic characters. While other large comics-based libraries are already spoken for, Platinum Studios remains independent of major entertainment studio affiliation. Marvel was recently acquired by Disney for $4 Billion, and is the second major comic library to be acquired by a Hollywood studio. DC Comics, which is owned by Warner Bros., recently announced a newly-revamped business model, focusing on reaching deeper into DC's catalog of characters.

Platinum Studios' film and TV division has a feature film version of " Cowboys and Aliens," starring Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford and Olivia Wilde, directed by Jon Favreau ("Iron Man 2"), executive produced by Steven Spielberg and produced by Brian Grazer, Ron Howard, Alex Kurtzman, and Roberto Orci being released in North America on July 29, 2011 via DreamWorks and Universal Pictures with Paramount Pictures handling the international release of the picture. In addition, it is developing "Unique" with "Harry Potter" producer David Heyman at Walt Disney Pictures, "Vice" with producer Andrew Lazar and Top Cow Productions, Inc., an untitled feature film project at Sony Pictures Animation, "Nightfall" with producer William Stuart and "Blood Nation" with producer Alexandra Milchan. In addition, Platinum Studios is developing "MetaDocs" for TV with Syfy, FremantleMedia and Landscape Entertainment.