One eagle found a great place to land - on the top of the home video charts. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Eagle Eye found its way to the top of the national DVD sales and rental charts, for the week ending January 4. This is technically the film's second week on the charts, since it was released on a Saturday, December 27, but this is the film's first full week on the shelves.

In a week with no new major releases, Eagle Eye jumped from 16th place in DVD sales last week to first place, ousting The Dark Knight in DVD sales, and it moved up from fourth place to first in rentals, besting last week's top rental, Burn After Reading.

Eagle Eye couldn't quite get the sweep, as it was just barely held off by The Dark Knight in Blu-ray sales. Eagle Eye fell just short, though, selling 98.4% as many BD units as The Dark Knight.