Netflix has revealed the first trailer for Earthquake Bird. This is the latest from acclaimed director Wash Westmoreland (Still Alice), who has, it seems, put together a twisted little thriller for the streaming service. The movie is based on the novel of the same name by Susanna Jones. To help bring the story to life, he's enlisted the help of Oscar-winner Alicia Vikander and Riley Keough in what looks like to be cut from the same cloth as a classic David Fincher flick.

The trailer quickly gets to the point that we're dealing with a grizzly whodunnit. The character played by Alicia Vikander is relatively new to Tokyo and makes friends with another American, played by Riley Keough. It then devolves into a love triangle filled with jealousy, twists, turns and a great deal of uncertainty. The footage isn't showing its hand, really just laying some cards out on the table. Enough to pique one's interest, but seemingly not enough to give the whole thing away. Given that I haven't personally read the novel, I can't provide any story insight, nor can I really interpret whether or not this seems to be a faithful adaptation.

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Wash Westmoreland, in addition to directing, also penned the screenplay. The full cast also includes Naoki Kobayashi, Kiki Sukezane, Yoshiko Sakuma, Kazuhiro Muroyama, Ken Yamamura, Crystal Kay, Akiko Iwase, and Jack Huston. Aside from that, it has the added benefit of counting the great Ridley Scott (Alien, Gladiator) as one of its producers, which certainly doesn't hurt. Kevin J. Walsh, Michael Pruss, Ann Ruark and Georgina Pope are also on board as producers, with Kenji Isomura as executive producer. The movie also comes with a soundtrack by Oscar-winner Atticus Ross (The Social Network), who collaborated with Leopold Ross and Claudia Sarne (The Book of Eli) on the original score.

Billed by Netflix as "a psychologically unsettling and atmospheric thriller set in 1989 Tokyo," Earthquake Bird centers on Lucy Fly (Alicia Vikander), an enigmatic American who has made a new life in Japan, yet remains haunted by her painful past. Lucy eventually finds herself in an intense relationship with Teiji (Naoki Kobayashi), a handsome, though troubled, local photographer. Lucy's walls start to come down when naive newcomer, Lily Bridges (Riley Keough), becomes entangled in their lives before she winds up missing and is suspected dead.

This is just one of several high-profile releases the streaming service has coming our way this fall, alongside Martin Scorsese's The Irishman and Eddie Murphy's Dolemite Is My Name. Netflix will release Earthquake Bird in select theaters on November 1, no doubt to possibly qualify for awards season, before making it available for subscribers on November 15. While Netflix streaming service has been experimenting more with theatrical releases, they still largely do it this time of year when they feel a movie has a shot at earning them an Oscar nomination or two. Be sure to check out the new trailer for yourself.

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