Eastwood: Actor Jeff Daniels ( Speed ), has signed on to co-star in Bloodwork for director/star Clint Eastwood. The shoot, which starts Monday, centers on Terrell McCaleb. McCaleb is one of the best serial killer hunters in the history of the FBI. After a heart transplant puts him out of commission for a while, McCaleb decides to retire, but a deadly case pulls him back into action.

Source: (The Hollywood Reporter)

Disney: Walt Disney Pictures has picked up Unnatural History . The pic, described as being in the same vein as Jumanji , is about a family trapped in the Smithsonian Museum who must fight their way out when all of the exhibits come to life.

Source: ( The Hollywood Reporter)

Craven: Dimension Films has signed a pair of writers to take on a new gothic horror version of Alice in Wonderland for director Wes Craven. Writers Jon and Erich Hoeber will pen the script which begins with Alice having been placed in a mental institution by her evil aunt.

Cruise: Tom Cruise back in the news again. This time, Cruise has hired Oscar nominated ( As Good As It Gets ) screenwriter Mark Andrus to adapt a novel titled The Bridge by Pulitzer Prize winning editorial cartoonist Doug Marlette. The novel tells the story of a cartoonist who, when fired from the paper he works for, relocates his family to the home he grew up in and attempts to reconcile his past with his present.

Hudson: Actress Kate Hudson ( Almost Famous) and Naomi Watts who's currently earning raves for her work in the critical hit Mulholland Drive , are close to signing onto Le Divorce for director James Ivory. Ivory is known mostly for his stuffy period films about upper crust British life. Le Divorce is a comedy drama about a film school dropout who treks to Paris to act as a mediator between her pregnant step-sister and the family of her upper class French husband.

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