The American Film Market (AFM) is in full swing, and as always, there are a couple of standout titles that are selling on just that premise alone. One of the movies is a timely new horror thriller called Ebola Zombies, which is exactly what it sounds like.

Rob Hauschild is in charge of finding a buyer for the film while at AFM. So far, Ebola Zombies has sold to German, and as of last night, a deal was closing with a Japanese distributor for the Wild Eye release. Just before AFM kicked off, the film was titled SARS Zombies, but was changed to play off recent health concerns around the country. Also released at AFM was the trailer for Plan Z, which has a less catchy title. It, too, is about the Ebola virus and how it has mutated into the zombie apocalypse. This was obviously a popular theme at the convention this year, with these movies drawing quite a bit of attention.

Maybe these trailers won't rest your fears of catching Ebola, but they're fun distractions none the less. And you can't catch the disease just by watching it...Or can you? You better get your mask on just to be safe...

Ebola Zombies Poster
Plan Z Poster