This Monday's upcoming solar eclipse is causing all kinds of turbulence around the United States. People are buying fake eclipse glasses that will burn their retinas and now South Carolina (home of the original Creepy Clown Sightings) is warning residents about possible sightings of the Lizard Man. That's right, South Carolina's version of Bigfoot may be attracted to total solar eclipses, the Emergency Management Division is warning. Never mind the impending apocalypse that various evangelist groups are promising, the Lizard Man might be out and about in South Carolina.

The Official Emergency Management Division's Twitter account posted a note about the upcoming total solar eclipse and the possibility of paranormal activity during the once in a lifetime event. According to Charleston, SC's The Post and Courier, the 'Lizard Man' was first spotted in 1988 by a 17-year-old kid named Christopher Davis. Davis was driving around 2 a.m. one late night, when he got a flat tire near Scape Ore Swamp. After he finished changing it, he claimed a "red-eyed devil" appeared about 30-yards away. Davis was able to get into his car and drive as the alleged creature jumped on the roof. He threw the thing off, but said that it was able to keep up with the car at speeds up to 40 miles per hour. Davis did not mention if the creature was hostile, but it appears as if the Lizard Man could have been attempting to cause harm to the young man. And yes, this does sound like a tail directly out of Finding Bigfoot.

Davis's story gained international attention and reported Lizard Man sightings continued up to as recently as 2015, according to a story by The State newspaper. It wasn't just a 17-year old anymore, even two police officers said they were convinced that "something is out there" after having an encounter about a month after Davis's experience. Since then, the legend has kept growing and many believe that the Lizard Man will make an appearance during the total solar eclipse on Monday.

Though NASA doesn't appear to know anything about the Lizard Man, they did recognize that there could be other types of paranormal activity. The Scientific Visualization Center in South Carolina also posted a graphic showing a direct correlation between the total solar eclipse and sightings of "Sunsquatch," aka places where one might see Sasquatch during the eclipse. The once in a lifetime event is expected to bring some bizarre behavior from humans and quite possibly the paranormal.

South Carolina police and the Emergency Management Division are warning: "If you see something, say something" in regard to possible sightings of the Lizard Man or even Sasquatch during the total solar eclipse on Monday. The Emergency Management Division has yet to post any more follow-up information regarding the Lizard Man, but expect to see one soon as the total solar eclipse is set to happen on Monday morning at 9:05 PDT in Oregon. Over the course of an hour and a half, the eclipse will happen across North America, leaving certain spots of South Carolina susceptible to Lizard Man sightings. You can check out the map of previous sightings below.