Ed Murray, Bill Murray's older brother and the inspiration behind the classic comedy Caddyshack, has passed away. Though not an actor himself, Ed had worked as a caddy as a teenager alongside brothers Bill and Brian Doyle-Murray at the Indian Hill Golf Club in Winnetka, Illinois. The experiences they had at the time heavily inspired the Caddyshack screenplay, which would later be co-written by Brian and Harold Ramis. Ed would also appear in the movie as an extra while Bill and Brian were featured in larger roles.

The news of Ed's passing comes from William Murray Golf, a golf apparel company established by the family.

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"It's with the heaviest of hearts that we announce the passing of the legend Ed Murray," the post reads in part. "Named after the family patriarch, it was Ed who introduced the Murray family to this wonderful game of golf-by way of caddying at Indian Hills Country Club-at the age of 10, no less. (They don't make 'em like that anymore.)"

The message goes on to add, "It was an honor for all of us to get to know Ed and to spend time with him over the past half decade as we've built this brand with the Murray family-and his loss is a hole that will never be filled. Thank you for always being so gracious, Ed. Our hearts are with his lovely family. Rest in paradise, to a true family man and a gentle, sweet soul. May we honor your memory from this day forward."

"Ed was the nice Murray who remembered everyone's name," Joel Murray, the youngest of the Murray brothers, also posted on Twitter.

Some of Ed's accomplishments are also listed in the tribute post. He was named the recipient of the Evans Scholarship - a scholarship awarded to golf caddies - in 1963 while attending Northwestern University. This served as the inspiration for Michael O'Keefe's Danny Noonan character in Caddyshack. Additionally, Ed and all five of his brothers are members of the Caddie Hall of Fame, something William Murray Golf says the Murrays all "take pride in, as this game helped shape their lives."

Speaking about his Caddyshack cameo in a 2015 interview with the Chicago Tribune, Ed said he was paid an extra $37 dollars. While he had been on the set to help out behind the scenes, director Harold Ramis insisted that they give Ed a close-up of his own in the movie. The moment comes after a woman is hit by a club, and Ed can be seen coming up behind her with a beer in his hand. It didn't spark an acting career for Ed, who had no interest in show business and wound up working in broadcasting before later becoming a stockbroker.

Another key figure behind the scenes of Caddyshack also passed away earlier this year. In June, puppeteer Pat Brymer, who controlled the gopher that feuded with Bill Murray's character in the movie, also died at the age of 70. Along with Ed Murray, may they both rest in peace. This news comes to us from William Murray Golf on Instagram.