According to Variety, Beacon Pictures and director Ed Zwick have joined forces to make a politically charged drama based on the book "Who Killed Daniel Pearl?" by French author-philosopher Bernard-Henry Levy.

Levy, a foreign correspondent, journeyed to Pakistan to try and unravel the forces behind the kidnapping and murder of the Wall Street Journal correspondent.

Suspicions that Pearl was killed for being an American and a Jewish journalist gave way to Levy's discovery that Pearl's alleged killer was likely a scapegoat killed because he uncovered ties between Pakistan's secret service and Al Qaeda.

The project becomes the second high-profile project based around Pearl's murder. Warner Bros. and Plan B hired John Orloff to adapt "A Mighty Heart:The Brave Life and Death of My Husband Danny Pearl," a memoir by Mariane Pearl. WB paid a seven-figure sum for the book with designs for Plan B partner Jennifer Aniston to play the widow.

The Levy character will be Americanized to attract a star, and parts of the story will be fictionalized, leaving it an open question as to whether it will conflict with the other Pearl project. The Zwick pic will be more about the perils facing journalists than it is specifically about Pearl's murder.