Eddie Guerrero is widely regarded as one of the greatest pro wrestlers of all time, and one of his critics found that out first-hand after lambasting the late WWE Hall of Famer on Twitter. The original tweet, which has since been deleted, claimed that Eddie Guerrero was a "B+ player at best" and that "people only hold him in such high regard because he is dead." Wrestling fans were not having it, and it was just hours before his name was trending with tens of thousands of fans coming to his defense.

"Eddie Guerrero is an all time great and was the best in the world in the squared circle. He's a versatile in ring technician filled with charisma, personality, and charm. He was always ahead of the curve. There will never and I mean NEVER be another," tweeted one Eddie fan.

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"Eddie Guerrero was a master of his craft and an incredible talent. In the ring and on the mic, he was top tier," tweets Just Talk Wrestling, including footage of one of Guerrero's best promos. "Disrespecting his name for likes or clout isn't clever or wise, it shows you don't know what you're talking about."

"Eddie Guerrero had everything. In-ring ability, mic skills, charisma, presence, cool entrance, comedy, emotion and fire. He could lie, cheat and steal and get cheered for it. Eddie is not a B+ player. He's one of the GOAT's," reads a tweet from Pro Wrestling Finesse.

And another WWE fan added, "Imagine your tweet being so wrong it causes Eddie Guerrero to trend at number one in America because so many people disagreed with you. I'd never come back on Twitter fr."

Some other stars of the business have also joined in on celebrating Guerrero. This includes Mick Foley, aka Mankind, who tweeted, "Eddie Guerrero was an A+ player. End of discussion." The tweet has been liked more than 42K times as of this writing with more than 6.3K retweets.

Scotty Riggs, who worked with Guerrero back during his World Champtionship Wrestling days, said in another tweet, "Eddie Guerrero performed the craft and art of pro wrestling, flowed like water in the squared circle.. Eddie was/is an A+ player!"

For the person who started this fiasco by tweeting that Guerrero was only held in high esteem because of his death, all one needs to do is go back and watch WWE No Way Out 2004 on Peacock and listen to the tremendous applause heard from fans when Guerrero did what many said was impossible by pinning Brock Lesnar in the middle of the ring and winning the WWE Championship. Let's just say most of today's wrestling stars could only dream of such a reaction.

Maybe this will make someone think twice the next time a wrestling fan decides to criticize Eddie Guerrero on Twitter. For what it's worth, the situation shows just how much he continues to be loved more than 15 years after his untimely passing. Rest in peace, Eddie Guerrero. You will always be remembered as an A+ player by most wrestling fans.