It's been a while since Eddie Murphy has graced fans with a role on the big screen. But he made a rare social media appearance over the Holiday weekend, posing with all 10 of his kids. His daughter Bria shared the image on her own private Instagram account.

Eddie Murphy is pretty reclusive in his later years, and he hasn't been making too many public appearances, though he'll often admit that he's not a hermit by any means, and if people really want to see the comedian in action, he heads out of the house every day to get his morning coffee at the local Starbucks. He just tries very hard to stay out of the tabloids.

He has been making some news as of late, having recently become engaged to his fiancée Paige Butcher, aged 39, whom he just had a baby boy with named Max Charles Murphy. The baby can be seen in these new photos, which also include his nine other children. Shown are Eric, 29, Angel Iris, 11, Bria, Miles Mitchell, 26, Bella Zahra, 16, Christian, 28, Shayne Audra, 24 and Zola Ivy, 19.

Eddie Murphy hasn't appeared in a movie since 2016's underrated comedic drama Mr. Church, which was meant to be Eddie's bid for Oscar but mostly went over looked. For years now, he has claimed that he will be getting back on stage soon to share his new stand-up comedy material, which he has been honing and crafting for more than a couple of decades.

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Eddie Murphy's last true comedy was A Thousand Words, which bombed pretty badly at the box office back in 2012. He would go onto reprise his iconic role as Axel Foley in the Beverly Hills Cop TV show spin-off, which would have focused on Foley's son. Though he shot the pilot as a two hour TV movie, CBS decided not to pick up the show and the pilot was shelved indefinitely with only a few who've ever actually seen it.

Eddie Murphy isn't done with Axel Foley yet, though. Paramount has announced that they are moving forward with Beverly Hills Cop 4, which was put on hold when the TV show went into production. There hasn't been much movement on the sequel in a few years. And it doesn't have a release date. But it was announced with Top Gun 2, another movie that was long-in development, which fans never thought would actually see come to fruition. Top Gun 2 is now being shot and will be in theaters in 2020. So Beverly Hills Cop 4 will likely follow suite.

Next up for Eddie Murphy though is the biopic Dolemite Is My Name!, in which the comedian will play the iconic blaxploitation actor Rudy Ray Moore. He is also signed onto join Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger in Triplets, the long awaited sequel to Twins. So while it may seem like Eddie Murphy has been out of the public eye for a bit, you can expect him to be back in full force very soon. You can check out his Christmas photos with his family courtesy of his daughter Bria Murphy's Instagram.

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