Eddie Murphy: In a recent interview with Moviehole, a scooper talked about 20th Century Fox's plan to make Dr. Dolittle 3 as a direct to video release which won't feature Eddie Murphy. Just as well, there are some hints being dropped about another Beverly Hills Cop film...

'SirG' tells us Fox has decided to go ahead and make “Doctor Dolittle 3” a straight-to-video title, which – and not surprisingly, it’d do nothing for Murphy’s fledging career - hasn’t fared well with Eddie Murphy’s camp. Now they’re on the hunt for a new Vet who can talk to the animals, hoping he’ll be quite happy to continue the franchise, indefinitely on a direct to black box basis.

“Kids are the way to go apparently, and the direct to video market is proving to be just as worthwhile as theatrical releases when it comes to sequels like this”, we’re informed.

The $71 million dollar “Dolittle” remake consequently made $63,382,444 on home video.

Fox are reportedly looking at a number of recognizable, near-name actors to headline the second sequel.

Meantime, Murphy’s ,“busy at work on the Daddy Day Care sequel, Daddy Day Camp” with Sony. Then, according to the scooper, Axel Foley might be making a comeback. “Jason Richman’s draft for “Beverly Hills Cop 4” has also been met favourably, and that’s likely to be on Murphy’s slate for later this year”.

Thanks to 'Clint'