Eddie Murphy can't "imagine" doing any more movies once he gets started on his stand-up career again. We hadn't seen a whole lot of the comedian over the years, but he has made a strong comeback with Dolemite Is My Name. The Rudy Ray Moore biopic has been getting praise and there have even been Academy Awards whispers due to Murphy's performance. However, it looks like the return to movies might already be nearing its end. Murphy had this to say about the future.

"Once I get back on stage, I kind of feel like that's what I was born to do more than anything. When I get back on the stage, I can't imagine wanting to do movies again."
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Eddie Murphy shocked fans when he announced a return to stand-up earlier this year. It may seem like an odd time to get back into making people laugh, especially considering how controversial his 80s specials were. But, Murphy really doesn't care and is ready to go back and do what he does. As to why he wants to focus on the comedy instead of acting, he had a pretty good reason. He explains.

"What I like to do more than anything is just be home with my family, chilling. It's really easy to feel like you're working when you make a movie. You've got to get up at five, six in the morning. I started making movies when I was 20 years old, when I made 48 Hrs. That's f**king 38 years. You've been on a movie set, you see how this sh*t is. It's not a fun process."

Making movies doesn't sound like a totally enjoyable experience, so one can understand Eddie Murphy's comments. Plus, Murphy has 10 children and he wants to spend time with them. That's a lot of kids and they all range in age from 3 to 30 and Murphy knows he isn't getting any younger. But, there is another reason as to why Murphy wants to stop doing movies. He had this to say.

"Once I get back onstage again, I want to do whatever, be funny-I can do that whenever I want to. You know? But making movies? Being an old dude in the movies? That's not it. Let them watch me get old, get all old looking. Like, 'You see Eddie's new movie? He looks terrible.'"

Eddie Murphy isn't worried about today's political and social climate impacting his comedy routines. In a world where everybody is easily offended and practice sets are put up on YouTube within hours does not concern him. He's simply going to go out and do what he has always done, which is refreshing. But, that doesn't mean he doesn't regret some of his old jokes. Murphy explains.

"Last time I did stand-up I was 27 years old. I look at some of my old stuff and cringe. Sometimes I'm like, I can't believe I said that! I'm 58 now so I don't think I'm gonna approach it the same way."

It's been rumored that Eddie Murphy signed a deal with Netflix worth over $70 million to do a stand up special for next year. So far, the comedian has Coming 2 America on the way, which means he won't have too much time to go out and practice his new material. With that being said, it sounds like stand-up is really his passion at the moment and that should make a lot of his fans, and family, happy. You can read the rest of the interview with Murphy over at WSJ Magazine.