Eddie Murphy is undoubtedly one of the greatest standup comics of all time. Murphy recently announced plans to return to the stage to record a special for the first time in over 30 years. The actor/comedian took a long break and pursued other ventures like starring in family comedy movies and taking a gentler approach in his projects. However, it seem that getting to play Rudy Ray Moore in the recently released Dolemite Is My Name may have reignited his interest in standup.

Along with Eddie Murphy, the world has changed in the past 30 years. Murphy pushed the envelope as a young standup comedian, taking on taboo subjects and causing controversy. But what does his standup look like in 2019 and 2020? Jimmy Kimmel recently asked if he is nervous about returning to stand-up comedy after all this time away. Murphy had this to say about living up to his past.

"Nah, I don't be worrying about stuff like that. I tend to think constructively if I'm doing something creative. I'm thinking about making it as funny as possible because I wanna shut sh*t down when I do it but I don't be thinking like 'What's gonna happen? What're they gonna say? Are they gonna put me on the YouTube?' That's just part of the world now."

A lot of comedians have found their practice acts uploaded on YouTube, which hurts the craft of a joke. But, Eddie Murphy isn't worried about such things, at least he doesn't appear to be. The comedian is ready to jump back into the comedy world that made him who he is today and influenced a whole generation of comics. While many were concerned about his decision to return, Murphy is ready to deliver.

During the course of the interview with Jimmy Kimmel in front of a live audience in Brooklyn to discuss Dolemite is My Name, Eddie Murphy is cool, calm, and collected. It looks like he has always been ready to return to standup and show the kids how it's done. At the same time, one has to wonder how Murphy is going to choose and tackle his subjects for today's audience. Raw and Delirious simply cannot be replicated at this time, although it would be very interesting to see it happen.

One thing Eddie Murphy for sure won't be doing is getting into his old leather suits from the 1980s. When talking about pushing boundaries he says, "I went through all that stuff, so this is not scary." Today's climate doesn't scare Murphy and he's not afraid to apologize either. His AIDS jokes in the 1980s were seen as controversial, but he later apologized for them in 1996 and called them ignorant. Whatever the case may be, everybody is looking forward to seeing Murphy return to the standup stage. The interview with Eddie Murphy was provided to us by the Jimmy Kimmel Live YouTube channel.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick