Will Eddie Murphy be playing comedy legend Richard Pryor on the silver screen? If Bill Condon has his way, it seems to be so. Entertainment Weekly is reporting that writer-director Bill Condon, who also just came off a stint as a producer of last weekend's Academy Awards, is shopping around a Richard Pryor biopic entitled Richard Pryor: Is It Something I Said? to studios.

The site is reporting that Condon already has Eddie Murphy attached to portray Pryor and Fox Searchlight is reportedly interested in Condon's script, which he would also direct. The studio had no comment on the project at this time, though.

Condon previously worked with Murphy in his 2006 film Dreamgirls and has a relationship with Fox Searchlight, since they distributed his directorial debut, Kinsey.

We'll certainly keep you posted on any developments surrounding this potential biopic and you can CLICK HERE to read more.