Eddie Murphy's latest comedy, Norbit won this weekend at the box office with $33.7 million, says Box Office Mojo. Eddie plays a trio of characters in the film.

Hannibal Rising debuted in second place with $13.3 million. Gaspard Ulliel plays the young Hannibal; Gong Li also stars as a relative who takes him in after escaping a torturous childhood.

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Diane Keaton and Mandy Moore in Because I Said So came in the three spot bringing in $9 million; that brings the total to $25.6 for two weeks. The two actresses star as mother and daughter in the romantic dramedy.

The Messengers came in fourth scaring up audiences for $7.2 million for a two week total of $24.7. Kristen Stewart plays a teen in a new town, being haunted by ghosts in her new house; the Pang brothers directed the Hong Kong style film.

Night at the Museum brought in $5.7 million and an eight week total of $232.1 million. The film is quickly becoming one of the highest grossing films of all time at $425.8 million world wide.

The spoof comedy, Epic Movie laughed it up in sixth with $4.4 million; Kal Penn stars in the flick. The film has made $35.4 million in three weeks.

Smokin' Aces took seventh place with $3.7 million. The cast of the action dramedy includes Ben Affleck, Ryan Reynolds, Ray Liotta, Alicia Keys, Jeremy Piven, Peter Berg, and Jason Bateman, among many others; it's made $30.8 in three weeks.

Pan's Labyrinth remains in the eighth spot for a third straight week; the Guillermo del Toro fantasy flick made $3.5 million and $26.5 million over seven weeks.

Eddie Murphy, with Jamie Foxx, Beyonce, and Jennifer Hudson, made it twice in the top ten in Dreamgirls. The musical drama took in $3 million over the weekend; that's a nine week total of $97.1 million.

Helen Mirren is The Queen; her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II has garnered her an Oscar nomination. The film rounds out the top 10 with $2.5 million, and has brought in $49 million over 20 weeks.