While doing press for his upcoming supernatural thriller Deliver Us from Evil, Édgar Ramírez was asked if he has been approached by director Scott Derrickson for a role in his next project, Marvel's Phase Three adventure Doctor Strange. The actor revealed that he actually has been talking with the filmmaker about joining the superhero adventure, although no specific details were revealed.

"We're talking. We've been talking."

It isn't known if Édgar Ramírez may be taking on the title role of Stephen Strange himself, or possibly his nemesis, Baron Mordo. Jon Spaihts recently signed on to rewrite the original script by Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer, so it isn't even known of Baron Mordo will be included in the story.

Jared Leto has been mentioned as a possible front runner for the title role, especially after today's report that he passed on replacing Will Smith in Brilliance. Tom Hardy and Benedict Cumberbatch are also rumored to be in contention for the Doctor Strange role.

Producer Kevin Feige revealed last week that casting will start in a month or two, with production scheduled to begin in the spring of 2015. Marvel hasn't issued a specific release date for Doctor Strange at this time.

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After Deliver Us from Evil hits theaters on July 2, Édgar Ramírez will next be seen in The Liberator and the boxing drama Hands of Stone. He is also playing the role of Bodhi, originated by Patrick Swayze in the Point Break remake.