It seems that director Joe Carnahan will be killing a new Pablo for his upcoming film. After Entertainment Weekly reported that Oscar-winner Javier Bardem will no longer be playing Columbian drug lord Pablo Escobar in Joe Carnahan's Killing Pablo, word surfaced soon thereafter of who his replacement will be.

CHUD received an email from Carnahan himself who revealed that Bardem had departed awhile ago and he has already cast his replacement: Edgar Ramirez. The director said that Ramirez, who was most recently seen in Vantage Point and as Paz in The Bourne Ultimatum, was rearing to go for the role. Here's a portion of Carnahan's email below.

I spent the last week in Colombia with Edgar Ramirez talking 'Pablo' and he has every intention of portraying Escobar and I couldn't be more fired up by the prospect. He's coming at it with boundless enthusiasm, conviction to the role and and the understanding that he's going to have to pack on anywhere from 35 to 40lbs.

It was also reported that Ramirez was to play Pablo Escobar in a competing project with Antoine Fuqua, dubbed Escobar, but that is not the case.