Even though no release date has been set, director Doug Liman is definitely planning on making Edge of Tomorrow 2. Or Live Die Repeat and Repeat, as he has revealed the title to be. Interestingly enough. Liman has never tackled a sequel before, even though he's surely had the opportunity. Now he has revealed why Edge of Tomorrow 2 is set to be his first ever sequel. And it's all about the fans.

The director recently spoke with Flickering Myth about his upcoming movie American Made, which also happens to star Tom Cruise. During the conversation, Doug Liman revealed what got Edge of Tomorrow 2 going in the first place and why that convinced him to come back and direct the sequel. Here's what he had to say about it.

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"I was not going to make a sequel to Edge of Tomorrow, I'm not really interested in sequels, I'm interested in trying new things, new places. But we came up with an idea for a sequel that's so shockingly revolutionary for how a sequel would get made, and it's so fresh and it's such a fun story. We only even started talking about a sequel because there was so much fan affection for the movie, that people started asking us about a sequel. There was so much love for the film. It used to be that people come up to me and talked to me about The Bourne Identity. But Edge of Tomorrow is the one that people constantly come up and talk to me about. There's so much affection for the movie we at least owe looking at it to see if there's an idea for a sequel and we came an idea that I can't stop talking about."

As it turns out, Warner Bros. may not have initially been interested in a sequel to Edge of Tomorrow either. The movie wound up grossing $370.5 million worldwide, which sounds alright on paper. However, when the $178 million production budget is factored in, that makes it much less impressive. The problem is that Edge of Tomorrow was plagued with a bizarre and very poor marketing campaign. It wound up being titled Edge of Tomorrow, but Live Die Repeat seemed to be what caught on more and that led to some confusion among moviegoers. In any case, after people started discovering the movie, they realized how good it was. Hence, Doug Liman keeps getting pestered about a sequel.

It is still unclear when Edge of Tomorrow 2 is going to arrive. Currently, Tom Cruise is nursing a pretty serious injury and will then finish filming Mission: Impossible 6 before heading off to film Top Gun 2. It's possible that he and Doug Liman could get to work on the Edge of Tomorrow sequel after that. Just don't expect a third installment, as the director has already promised that this next movie will wrap everything up. In any case, he still seems really excited about it and hopefully, we won't have to wait too long for cameras to get rolling.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott