Recently announced at the official Haxan Films' website, Blair Witch Project helmer, Eduardo Sanchez, has stated that he is directing the horror thriller Probed. Not many details at this point just that it's a horror movie, there's a monster in it...

"We have the money, we are spending it and we are going full-steam ahead on this sucker! At last!

JEFF JOHNSeN turned me on to the PROBED script more than a year ago and it turned out the writer, JAMIE NASH, lived 40 minutes from me. It was just one of those things. I mean I live in Frederick, Maryland, not exactly the filmmaking capital of the world, and after reading dozens of scripts (Jeff probably read over a hundred at least) from all over the country I end up digging the script of a writer that lives 40 minutes from me. It was a sign, I tell you. A sign.

So Jamie and I started collaborating and after about 8 drafts we’re getting it going on.

I will direct with BLAIR WITCH producers GREGG HALE and ROB COWIE producing. MIKE MONELLO (also of BW fame) will co-produce along with MATT COMPTON (old school friend from back at UCF) and our own JEFF JOHNSeN.

We will be starting principal photography in May at UNIVERSAL STUDIOS in Orlando. We are casting right now and have plenty of other news to report so we’ll try to keep you all in the loop as much as possible."