Edward Norton recently gave an interview for the upcoming issue of Total Film magazine and The Sun has published some excerpts from the interview. The actor reveals a few interesting tidbits about his upcoming movie The Incredible Hulk.

"First off it's utterly unrelated to that film. This is in no way a response to it or picking up from it," Norton said.

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"I think like Chris Nolan and those guys did with Batman, we just said: 'We're going to start completely with our own version of this myth or saga,'" he added.

The Incredible Hulk is set to open in theaters on June 13.

The actor also said that he turned down the project a few different times before he was offered the chance to rewrite the script himself. Now, he sees this as just the beginning for this new green monster.

"To me the whole thing was to envision it in multiple parts. We left a lot out on purpose. It's definitely intended as chapter one."