Back in April, we were able to speak exclusively with Marvel Studios' President of Production Kevin Feige, who said that the Hulk character would definitely play a part in the film, although it seems an unknown actor will be playing him. Hitfix is reporting that The Incredible Hulk star Edward Norton will not be appearing in The Avengers as The Hulk, with Marvel Studios planning on hiring an unknown actor for the role.

It seems, though, that Norton was keen on reprising his 2008 role for the superhero ensemble film, to the point where he was actually keeping dates open on his schedule so he could be a part of the film. According to the site's sources, the studio informed Norton of their plans and that they won't be needing him for the film.

The site also said that their decision wasn't based on money, as their sources indicated that it seemed a deal could've been made with the figures that were on the table. It wasn't clear if the studio has reached out to other actors for the role as of yet, but it seems that everything is in preliminary stages as of now.

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We'll be sure to keep you posted on any further news regarding The Avengers as soon as more information comes forth.