/movie/leaves-of-grass/Leaves of Grass sets small theatrical release for September 17thTelepathic Studios has finally set a small September 17th theatrical release for Tim Blake Nelson's Leaves of Grass starring Edward Norton, Keri Russell and Lucy DeVito.

After months of rumors of Leaves of Grass coming to theaters this summer and then just going straight to DVD, Leaves of Grass will be released on DVD on October 12, after the small theatrical release in New York and Tulsa, Oklahoma, where much of the film is set.

In Leaves of Grass, Bill Kincaid, a college classics professor (Edward Norton) is lured home from the Ivy League to the backwoods of Southeastern Oklahoma by his identical twin (also Edward Norton), a hedonistic, pot- smoking career criminal. Kincaid finds that Plato and Marcus Aurelius have ill-prepared him for dealing with a gang of homicidal yokels.