Timothee Chalamet hilariously spoofed Edward Scissorhands in a Cadillac ad that premiered at Super Bowl LV, and even the original movie's director Tim Burton loved it just as much as the rest of us. In the ad, Timothee Chalamet plays Edgar Scissorhands, the son of the scissor-handed character originally played by Johnny Depp. Edward Scissorhands star Winona Ryder also appeared in the ad to play an older version of Kim Boggs, the teenage girl she portrayed in the 1990 movie.

Speaking with the Los Angeles Times about the Timothée Chalamet Cadillac commercial, Burton reveals that he approved the concept of the ad and couldn't be happier to see that his classic work is still making an impact on pop culture. As the filmmaker explains:

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"It's rare when a work you're proud of continues to live on and evolve with the times, even after 30 years. I'm glad to see Edgar coping with the new world! I hope both fans and those being introduced to Edward Scissorhands for the first time enjoy it."

Ryder also praised Chalamet's take on Mr. Scissorhands in a talk with Vanity Fair. Describing her reaction to seeing the Dune star dressed up as Edgar, Ryder puts it, "It was quite a moment. Very surreal... I was really blown away by him and everyone's work putting the character together. He is such a beautiful guy, so talented, so incredibly kind and unique. Really the perfect person to embody that character."

For his part, Chalamet recently told Vogue that he "grew up an enormous Tim Burton fan" and tremendously enjoyed the opportunity to step into a Burton-like world and work directly with Ryder.

"Working with Winona was a total dream come true," Chalamet said. "She's an incredible actress and continues to be an American icon. And in the same way I love working with Saoirse Ronan - it was a reminder of the 'America's Sweetheart' role Winona occupied in many American hearts and minds in the '90s."

In the commercial, Ryder's Kim explains that "this is the story of a boy with scissors for hands," but not the one we're all thinking of. Instead of Johnny Depp's Edward, what we see is Edgar Scissorhands, a younger version portrayed by Chalamet. From riding the bus to working at the deli, it's clear that Edgar deals with many of the same difficulties as his father due to their sharp fingers always causing problems. In the end, Kim surprises Edgar with a Cadillac Lyriq, an electric car with hands-free driving features.

"And Edgar drove off into the sunset. But don't worry, he still makes it home in time for dinner... occasionally," Kim says.

Edward Scissorhands is a beloved classic, but some fans found themselves wanting a remake with Chalamet in the role after seeing the commercial. When the ad premiered, it wasn't long before calls for this started to populate social media. While a feature-length movie with Chalamet as Edward or Edgar Scissorhands seems unlikely, it's certainly a good thing if the Cadillac ad helps bring more attention back to the original favorite. This news comes to us from the Los Angeles Times.