Many new Edward Scissorhands Funko Pop! figures are on the way, as the famous toymaker has unveiled their latest additions to the line. Directed by Tim Burton and starring Johnny Depp, the classic movie is still highly revered by fans, and this is sure to get many of them excited. As a part of the company's Funkoween in May event, many horror-based properties have been getting new Pop! releases, and Edward in particular has a big handful of them that will make trying to choose just one very difficult. The figures are now available for pre-order, and you can take a look at the announcement tweet for them below.

Of course, leading the pack is a standard Edward Scissorhands Pop!, joined by his lady friend Kim in a white dress. The rest of the figures are all of Edward as well, which includes Edward in dress clothes and a Deluxe Funko Pop! of Edward in front of a dinosaur-shaped hedge inspired by the ones seen in the movie. Two exclusive Edward Scissorhands Pops! will also be featured in the line, with an Edward in dress clothes and makeup mask will be exclusive to Books-a-Million and another Edward holding his show-and-tell cutout will be sold exclusively at Walmart. I'm personally going to pick up Kim for sure, and now I just need to decide which Edward should be paired with her. Going with them all just isn't feasible with limited shelf space!

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Edward Scissorhands was first released in 1990. Along with Johnny Depp as the titular artificial man, the fantasy romance movie also starred Winona Ryder as a teenage girl who falls in love with him when he is taken in by her family. The movie is widely considered to be among Tim Burton's best works, achieving both great financial success at the box office and glowing reviews from viewers and critics. Perhaps because its story is not one to easily lend itself to a sequel, there has never been a follow-up movie or any kind of reboot, but the classic movie still holds up three decades later and there's really no need to try to replicate the beloved film.

Some of the other fun releases from Funko for their Funkoween in May event feature several other popular franchises. Joining Edward Scissorhands are Pop! figures inspired by Creepshow, Killer Klowns from Outer Space, The Craft, Zombieland, and Scoob!. Aside from the ordinary Pop! figures, Funko also revealed a 13-day Halloween advent calendar with miniature Pop! figures and a 10-inch Chucky Pop! based on his look from Child's Play 2. As the company is continuing to post figure reveals on social media, we may be seeing many others introduced soon as well.

Funko is always impressing us with how they manage to capture the looks and personalities of various characters in their trademark Pop! form. They've done it again with Edward Scissorhands and it's going to be fun to see what other additions to the line will be coming next. You can pre-order most of these figures now by heading over to Walmart. This news comes to us from Funko on Twitter.

Edward Scissorhands Funko Pop Figures 1
Edward Scissorhands Funko Pop Figures 2
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